Our Work

We help communities save more lives faster. We work with animal shelters, rescue groups, volunteers, and animal advocates to incorporate methods of lifesaving that have saved more than 60,000 pets in Austin alone since 2008. We are a partner, leader, and true resource in lifesaving to all communities we work with.

Our Programs

American Pets Alive! provides flexible opportunities for in-depth education as well as hands-on training in the proven most-effective strategies, developed by Austin Pets Alive! and Austin Animal Center. We also offer expert support for communities implementing these strategies, as well as during crisis events.

“It was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much and took away more valuable information than I ever thought possible. To me, you [Lorian] and Ann are the best of the best in rescue. I thank you as does all of the Eastern Madera County SPCA. You have made an imprint on my life that I will be forever grateful for.”

Maddie's® Dog Foster Program Apprenticeship Student

“You come to this conference one day and you feel like you are leaving an expert. The encouragement this conference gives you is [only] matched by invaluable experience.”

American Pets Alive! Conference Attendee

“While participating in an apprenticeship at APA! I learned more effective and cost saving ways to better serve the animals in our care, while also providing established protocols and procedures to staff members. I was able to more easily and clearly create a framework for common symptoms and illness.”

Maddie's® Clinic Apprenticeship Student

“Being able to take home standard operating procedures from a city that focuses on maintaining no-kill is a game changer in bringing our community forward from the animal control mentality to engaging the entire community in achieving high standards of animal welfare.”

Maddie's® Lifesaving Leadership Masterclass Student

People are the Solution

We've solved a social problem in Austin and this success is in no small part due to the partnership between Austin Pets Alive! and Austin Animal Center. Nothing is impossible when communities come together.


The Austin Model includes a comprehensive medical program, detailed guidelines for establishing and maintaining volunteer programs — including foster, development and marketing/PR teams and best practices for decreasing euthanasia, keeping pets out of the shelter, establishing a specialized program, and much more.

Thursday March 28th, 2019

The Transparency Checklist: How to Know if Your Community’s Animal Shelter is Truly Transparent

Inspired by Kristen Auerbach's 2019 presentation at the American Pets Alive! Conference The word...