Our Leadership

American Pets Alive! is the outreach and education division of Austin Pets Alive!. American Pets Alive! is powering the Human Animal Support Services project. AmPA! and HASS Staff are listed below, along with the APA! Board of Directors.

AmPA! Staff

Ellen Jefferson cat 800px

Ellen Jefferson, DVM

President & CEO & Maddie's® Director of Lifesaving Leadership
Hassen Auerbach Kristen Photo

Kristen Hassen

Maddie’s® American Pets Alive! Director
Suzie chase 800px

Suzie Chase

Senior Director of Strategic Communications
Maggie headshot

Maggie Lynch

Development Director
Elena Tolstikova

Elena Tolstikova

Strategic Director of Human Resources
Katie jarl headshot

Katie Jarl

Director of Government Affairs and Policy
Bobby mann compressed 768x768

Bobby Mann

Maddie’s® Human Animal Support Services Pilot Director
Rory adams 768x768

Rory Adams

Maddie's® Training and Education Manager
Kasey Spain min

Kasey Spain

Maddie's® Marketing and Communications Senior Manager
Jamie case 768x768

Jamie Case

Maddie's® HASS Project Manager
Monica Frenden

Monica Frenden

Maddie’s® Director of Feline Lifesaving
Clare Callison

Clare Callison

Maddie’s® Director of National Pet Supply and Demand
Jordana Moerbe

Jordana Moerbe

Maddie’s® Medical Program Advisor
Faith and Madonna

Faith Wright

Maddie’s® Shelter Management Advisor
Aaron Caldwell

Aaron Caldwell

Maddie's® Dog Behavior Program Advisor
Kourtney hudson

Kourtney Hudson

Data Coordinator
Sara Miller headshot min

Sara Miller

Marketing and Communications Assistant
Liana moss headshot 768x768

Liana Moss

Keeping Families Together Implementation Coordinator
Eliza torres

Eliza Torres

Administrative Assistant

APA! Board of Directors

Dr. Ellen Jefferson

CEO and President

Rusty Tally

Board Member

Mike Rovner

Board Member

Gerri Kappler

Board Member

Bill Symon

Board Member

Gretchen Meyer

Board Member

Meredith Young

Board Member

Laura Villagran Johnson

Board Member

Alexander Devine

Board Member

Monica Dermott

Board Member

Kristen Tollefson Serra

Board Member

Cynthia Konieczny

Board Member

Dr. Milton J. Guiberteau

Board Member

Dr. Jodi Denyszyn

Board Member
Thursday March 21st, 2019

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