EPAS Vaccine Clinic 1
Thursday September 24th, 2020

Paula Powell on the Impact of HASS in El Paso, TX

Hear Paula Powell speak on the huge impact HASS practices have made in El Paso.

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HRA volunteer 3
Thursday September 24th, 2020

Open Fostering: It's Time to Make Fostering Inclusive

Now is the time to make foster care at your organization more inclusive and truly reflective of your entire community!

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Live EC QA
Wednesday September 23rd, 2020

Live Q&A with the HASS Executive Committee

Learn the latest about HASS in this Q&A based webinar with the Executive Committee.

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Dog n dash
Tuesday September 15th, 2020

Dog N' Dash: An Innovative Approach to Fostering Big Dogs

Dog N Dash has changed the game for Austin Pets Alive!.

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HASS Myths vs Facts min
Tuesday August 18th, 2020

The Myths and Facts of Human Animal Support Services

We're clearing up some common misconceptions about HASS.

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Foster rescue resources 200813 195144
Thursday August 13th, 2020

A Free Foster & Rescue Resource: How to Use the Found Animals System to Benefit Your Lifesaving Efforts

In this webinar with Matt Ulrich, you will jump into a hands-on approach to using the Michelson Found Animals free registry to manage the animals you foster, or pull from local shelters.

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Get Your Long Stays Adopted Faster
Wednesday August 12th, 2020

How To Get Your Long Stay Dogs Adopted or Fostered, Faster

What's the best way to get your long stay dogs out of the shelter? Use these 5 tips!

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First COVID 19 Dog Dies
Monday August 10th, 2020

First COVID-19 Dog Dies, But Not Likely from COVID-19: What We Know So Far About Pets with COVID-19

Buddy's death wasn't necessarily caused by COVID-19. But, his contraction of COVID-19 begs the question, are animals with pre-existing conditions more susceptible to COVID-19?

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