Now that animal shelters are empty
Thursday May 7th, 2020

Now that animal shelters are empty, can we ever go back to the way things were?

The answer is no, we can't go back.

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Why Two Pet Cats with COVID 19 in New York
Wednesday April 22nd, 2020

Why Two Pet Cats with COVID-19 in New York Shouldn't Worry You

With the latest CDC announcement stating that two pet cats in separate parts of New York have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes COVID-19), we want to remind the public that American Pets Alive! is committed to bringing you the fa...

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Emergency Plan for Pets 4
Monday April 20th, 2020

Make an Emergency Plan for Your Pet in 3 Easy Steps

Have you included your pets in your emergency plan? Use this blog to learn how!

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If Pets Cant Get COVID 19
Friday March 20th, 2020

But Pets Don’t Get COVID-19? Why Animal Shelters Need Us Now More Than Ever

According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s most recent update, “There is no evidence that companion animals including dogs and cats can spread COVID-19.” So, if pets can't get or give us the virus, why are animal shelters asking for...

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