COVID-19 Daily Digest | Thursday, March 19

March 20th, 2020

Is Your Shelter Prepared?

COVID-19 has the animal welfare movement working in closer collaboration than ever before. National groups, veterinarians, shelters, field officers, and rescues across the nation are working together to bring solutions to the current and impending struggles facing animal shelters amid this global pandemic. 

But, how has COVID-19 affected shelters and rescues? How are intake, outcomes, and transfer operations functioning? Has your foster program grown? Are you hitting roadblocks? Are your plans changing rapidly? 

If you run a shelter or rescue, or if you know a shelter in need of help, please take 5-10 minutes to complete this survey

We will use your response to create plans to support the current, growing needs of the animal sheltering system during these uncertain times. All of the information will be kept confidential. 


Idexx tested thousands of cats and dogs for COVID-19 with no positive results, confirming they cannot contract the disease. 

The National Animal Control and Care Association issued another position statement, this one about sending unaltered pets out into the community, during this crisis, stating that, “the lack of immediately available spay and neuter services should not be a reason for shelter euthanasia.”  This statement suggests foster to adopt, vouchers, and community clinics for future altering of the animals. We hope that you read the entire statement here and consider this position in your community. 

Helpful Resources

This week AmPA!, NACA, and others released recommendations on the intake of felines during the COVID pandemic, which we believe are in the best interest for cats, read our newest blog “Making Sense of Cat Intake Protocols During COVID” by Monica Frenden. This blog will answer the questions you have and give you the insight you need to understand our recommendations during this crisis. 

Story of the Day 

Drive thru adoption and foster programs can help to keep our communities safe and healthy through this global crisis, while giving people the option to foster or adopt, and save a life. Humane Society of Harlingen announced that they will be implementing their new program, H-S-H curbside! In Harlingen, prospective adopters and foster parents will do everything online, from signing up to foster or adopt to appointment setting. “When you arrive at the shelter, one of our team members will meet you by your vehicle and finalize the adoption/foster,” Harlingen announced yesterday. This program will launch today! We wish you luck in your new, innovative program. Who else is implementing this program? 

Stay Connected 

“We have more fosters than we can find animals for,” Mirah Horowitz from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, announced in the American Pets Alive! Shelter and Rescue Support. “We are getting more applications every hour. If you are a shelter that needs to move animals out and you can get them to DC, please PM me to let me know,” she shared this information to connect with shelters who may need to transport animals to her to save their lives. Join this page for support and practical solutions to the issues you are facing. Together, we will get through this crisis and save the lives of animals in our care. 

Next week we are hosting another live Q&A with Dr. Ellen Jefferson and Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, sign up today! Bring your questions and hear answers from two of the people leading the charge of ensuring that animals in our shelters and rescues are not needlessly killed, even through a global pandemic. 

If you missed their live Q&A this week, check it out here.

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