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Today in Austin, 97% of the animals that enter the shelter system have a live outcome. This is possible due to a partnership between the city shelter, Austin Animal Center, and a local non-profit, Austin Pets Alive!.


Dr. Ellen Jefferson

Dr. Ellen Jefferson

Executive Director

What Will Students Learn?

  • How municipalities and nonprofits can work together to create change, align values, identify assets and gaps in their communities, and develop an action plan to leverage assets to address the gaps
  • How to leverage community members to become volunteers, fosters, and advocates
  • How to manage resources and leverage community support for in-kind and capital donations
  • The importance of creating, developing and growing an identity for their organization within their community

Who Should Attend?

This opportunity is designed for community and organization leaders, including; Council Members, City Managers, Board Members, Executive Directors, Chief Animal Officers, aspiring Executive Directors, or anyone in a position to take an organization or community in the direction of No Kill.

How Long Is This Class?

Each master classes three days, plus travel, and hosted in Austin, Texas.

This course is approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services.


January 13 - 15

April 20 - 22

June 1 - 3

August 10 - 12

October 26 - 28

November 30 - December 2

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“Being able to take home standard operating procedures from a city that focuses on maintaining No Kill is a game changer in bringing our community forward from the animal control mentality to engaging the entire community in achieving high standards of animal welfare.”

Maddie's® Lifesaving Leadership Master Class Student

“It was fantastic. I enjoyed it [the apprenticeship] so much and took away more valuable information than I ever thought possible… thank you as does all of the Eastern Madera County SPCA. You have made an imprint on my life that I will be forever grateful for.”

Maddie's® Dog Foster Program Apprenticeship Student

"While participating in an apprenticeship at APA! I learned more effective and cost-saving ways to better serve the animals in our care, while also providing established protocols and procedures to staff members. I was able to more easily and clearly create a framework for common symptoms and illness. Other takeaways from the apprenticeship would be HR development, crowdfunding, and drug and illness protocols."

Maddie's® Clinic Apprenticeship for Managers Student

"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend your master class. I was shocked at the amount of information I learned from your class. Your candor and non-judgmental attitude made receiving information when I was admitting I had been wrong so much easier. Again, thank you for the opportunity, and I look forward to staying in contact with you!"

Maddie's® Feline Lifesaving Master Class Student

"Thank you for giving us the tools we need and the continued offer of support. I feel confident that between this course and the feline course I’m attending next month, our shelter is going to be able to save most of that last 10% and that is HUGE. You are amazing. Your staff is amazing. Your volunteers are phenomenal. Thank you."

Maddie's® Canine Lifesaving Leadership Master Class Student
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