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Michele Figueroa

Operations Manager at Pima Animal Care Center

Michele Figueroa is the operations manager at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) in Tucson, Arizona. AT PACC, she manages the intake and placement of around 17,000 animals – achieving an annual save rate of around 90 percent. Michele has been with PACC for 13 years and her work has been central to bringing PACC from a municipal "pound" (with an intake of 25,000 and a save rate of around 45 percent) to a leading shelter in lifesaving. One of her particular achievements is the PACC medical clinic. Michele worked with the PACC shelter veterinarian to create a shelter medicine program that now serves every pet, regardless of the severity of their medical needs.

Michele has served in a leadership capacity in almost every area of the shelter, including animal control (which is now animal protection), the medical clinic, adoptions, and admissions. Beyond her work to lead the internal operations team at PACC, though, Michele has also implemented community vaccine and microchipping efforts in underserved areas with the greatest needs. Currently, Michele continues to lead her team by ensuring they have up-to-date training and skills that will lead Pima Animal Care into the future.

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Sat. February 2nd

10:50 am - 12:05 pm Map Icon Salon 4

Save Lives in Space Crises

When space is tight how do you prevent killing the animals in your facility? Come to this action-driven session to learn how to outsmart and overcome the impulse to kill in a space crisis.

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm Map Icon Salon 5-6

Save Rate: Exceed the 50% Benchmark

Attendees will learn about the experiences of people who successfully broached 50% and beyond save rates.

Sun. February 3rd

1:15 pm - 2:30 pm Map Icon Amphitheater M2 204

Proactive Adoptions: Moving Pets on a Large Scale

If you save them, they have all got to go to homes. Come learn how to move pets on a large scale, apply best practices, and save a ton of lives.

Mon. February 4th

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Map Icon Salon 3

Analyzing Length of Stay: Make Your Animals Ready and Move Them Fast

This session will explore how to beat the clock from intake to outcome. Learn how to get your animals ready and move them out fast!

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