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Layne Dicker

Layne Dicker's involvement in animal welfare spans over 30 years and includes hundreds of speaking engagements, published articles and photographs, founding and running a parrot rescue organization and service for a veterinary hospital, wild bird rescue, and wild animal rescue.

In 2007, when the issue of dogfighting dominated the news, Layne's passions shifted to "blocky headed" dogs, volunteering in many capacities, primarily with the Best Friends Animal Society both in Los Angeles, California and Kanab, Utah as well as in Houston, Texas in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Layne has interned and worked extensively with Dogs Playing for Life and has run thousands of playgroups, dog intros and social assessments, as well as coaching others in playgroups and dog social behaviors.

As an attorney (and the son of an attorney ... and the grandson of an attorney), Layne is no stranger to advocacy, and has been outspoken in the advancement of the No Kill movement and issues surrounding the humane treatment of companion animals, including during his tenure on the Board of Commissioners for Los Angeles Animal Services.

When not engaged in the above activities (or fostering, or bottle feeding, or attending seminars, or feeding the community cats ... etc.) Layne is a financial manager based in Los Angeles. Layne and his no-less-involved college professor wife, Sally Spencer, currently share their home with three dogs, two cats, and a parrot; but those numbers could (and are expected) to go up at any time.

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