Profile Laura Morrison

Laura Morrison

Former Austin City Council Member

Laura Morrison served on the Austin City Council from June 2008 to January 2015 and was instrumental in the passing of the City of Austin’s No Kill plan. In the face of opposition from national welfare organizations and a Council and staff that refused to utter the words No Kill, Laura Morrison not only led the charge at Austin City Council, but she also made No Kill a major part of her political campaign for election and re-election. She and Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez worked tirelessly to win over other Council members and shift the city’s departmental culture. She and Martinez co-sponsored the No Kill plan that was recommended by the Animal Advisory Commission, which directed staff to work with the commission on the implementation of the plan and passed a moratorium on killing when cages are empty. Their tireless efforts led to the successful implementation of the No Kill Plan, which is what gave Austin the momentum to become to largest No Kill city in the nation.

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