Kelly Duer

Kelly Duer

Foster Program Consultant

Kelly is a foster program consultant who has worked with various shelters and organizations, including Austin Animal Center, Pima Animal Care Center, Best Friends Animal Society in Houston and Maddie’s Fund. She focuses on helping shelters and rescues increase live outcomes through the implementation of robust foster care programs. Her role includes consulting with shelters, creating and providing training for organizations and their foster coordinators, and assisting with research on foster care.

Kelly previously co-coordinated a foster program that brought orphaned children to the United States in order to find them permanent adoptive homes, worked as the Foster Expansion Coordinator for a national study of foster care, and assisted with the behavioral foster study that was conducted at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Over the years, her family has provided care for dozens of foster pets. Kelly’s work has been featured in many national publications, websites, and networks, including Animal Sheltering magazine, the Huffington Post, Best Friends magazine, BarkPost,, HuffPost Live and Fox News. Kelly has presented at various national conferences including the Best Friends National Conference, American Pets Alive! and HSUS Animal Care Expo.

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