Knepp 2 Pov Winner 2018

Gina Knepp

City of Sacramento's Animal Care Services Manager at Front Street Animal Shelter

As the City of Sacramento's Animal Care Services Manager at Front Street Animal Shelter, Gina Knepp is an outspoken advocate for changing the image of public animal shelters and for setting cutting edge trends that change the public's perception on how to save the lives of public shelter animals. The collaborations that Gina and her team have made helped to increase the success rate in finding home for pets from a dismal 19 percent to more than 87 percent – and it continues to grow.

As an outspoken advocate on animal welfare and community involvement, Gina has helped Front Street Animal Shelter become the Regional Leader in Sheltering. Her outreach includes the "Shelter Life" program on Access Sacramento and extensive use of social media and community events to get the word out. "Shelter Life" is a local, volunteer-produced show that showcases the efforts and collaborations that Front Street uses to help save the lives of the 11,000 animals that come into it its care each year.

Knepp's service with the City of Sacramento also includes work at the emergency 911 dispatch center and the creation of the city's general services 311 information center.

Gina Knepp is a perfect example of how the power of voice can change perspectives, educate, and involve the community we serve.

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Mon. February 4th

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Map Icon Salon 1-2

Create Leaders from Within: Build a Succession Plan

Learn how to to build a succession plan and identify innovative ways to manage your staff to achieve No Kill.

4:40 pm - 5:55 pm Map Icon Salon 3

Valuable Volunteer Programs: Successful Programs Proven to Work

Austin Pets Alive! And Sacremento’s Front Street Animal Shelter couldn’t run without volunteers. How do you create a volunteer program that works to the specific needs of your rescue, shelter or community? Join volunteer leaders to learn how to rethink volunteers and reach your goals together and as a united front.

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