Davyd Smith

President of No Kill Colorado

Although he adopted his first cat at 6 years old, Davyd, now the president of No Kill Colorado, began earnestly participating in advocacy around 2007.

After training at several conferences around the country (Including APA!), he helped found No Kill Colorado (NKC) in 2011. During his tenure as a board member at NKC he helped develop relationships with national No Kill leaders and organizations. Davyd developed the annual Just One Day Colorado adoption event and led a highly successful initiative to reform a Colorado animal shelter (the shelter saves 98 percent of all intakes, almost double before reform). A success story he's particular fond of it that of a small rural Colorado town. Suffering from an overwhelming number of feral and stray dogs, Davyd reformed their situation through spay/neuter clinics, transfers, and law reform through the 100 Dogs Campaign that showed how any community can change the outcome of homeless pets. In 2018, No Kill Colorado passed the Pueblo Animal Protection Act in Pueblo, CO, based on Austin’s ordinances and CAPA. The law mandates that the shelter save every healthy or treatable pet.

Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019

State Level No Kill Advocacy

Clock Icon2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Map Icon Salon 5-6

This session discussion will revolve around states in the US that have had state-wide efforts to transform to No Kill.

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