20 Ideas to Thank Your Fosters

By Sara Miller

Sara Miller | July 29th, 2020

We think fosters are the most critical part to keep the animal shelter functioning, especially in the new model of animal sheltering and during COVID-19. It is important to recognize that and show your appreciation to keep your fosters coming back. So, here are 20 ideas to get you started!

  1. Give specific fosters shout outs on social media. Here are a few examples!
    1. KC Pet Project - The Slaughter Family
    2. San Antonio Pets Alive - Bryan
    3. Best Friends Animal Society - Liliana, Max, and Pepper
    4. Lifeline Animal Project - Kim
    5. LA Animal Services - Lily (This is a great example of praising a foster without naming them if you don’t have permission to share names!)
  2. Partner with local businesses to provide perks like coupons to your fosters.
  3. Provide updates in a foster newsletter (similar to a staff newsletter) to show you value keeping them involved and informed.
  4. Give your fosters a gift card or voucher.
  5. Send them a postcard of their former foster when they get adopted, like Gateway Pet Guardians does!
  6. Give your fosters a call and thank them over the phone!
  7. Send out impact reports to your fosters, showing how many animal lives’ they have helped save.
  8. In non-COVID times, host a potluck or other event for your fosters. For a COVID-19 friendly event, try a virtual happy hour.
  9. Highlight individual fosters in a blog post or video.
  10. Send flowers.

  11. Have your staff record thank you videos for your fosters!
  12. For extra special fosters, put together a photobook of past foster animals and their stories.
  13. Give out a special t-shirt or yard sign for fosters. It could say “I foster for (shelter name). Ask me about my foster dog/cat.”
  14. Create an award to recognize exceptional fosters.
  15. Give a small gift like candy.

  16. Have a photo of one of their former fosters printed and framed.
  17. Provide a discount for your shelter swag for active fosters
  18. Pair up staff members with fosters to steward.
  19. Have staff members sign cards for your fosters.
  20. Create a “foster feature” bulletin board at your shelter and feature a foster each month.

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